More than twenty years ago, I started a blog to share my thoughts and ideas, achivements and failures, both personal and technical. This is a continuation of that platform to document my experience implementing technology for the benefit of the community.

I wrote my first BASIC program when I was ten on an Apple ][c, spent more time than I want to admit tying up the household phone lines as an adolescent dialed into my favorite BBS, and eventually landed my first gig at RSA, where I learned the foundations of information security. Today, I educate on and design architectures for customers who are interested in deploying their workloads to the public cloud.

In my personal time, I enjoy admiring the outdoors with my family on hikes along the trails in our region. When they’re sufficiently tired and sleeping, I settle down at my basement lab and conjure up a plan to conquer my next technical project.

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– Armen